The Cirque la Companie is very young, not only for the age of its artists but also for its birthdate and for its first show that dates back to 2017. Since then the Circus has already conquered audiences and critics, with a mix of acrobatic skills, humor and casual look. It belongs to the contemporary circus school that is contaminated with theater, music and dance.

For this circus the tent is both a scenic and artistic precious element. The tent represents the physical and symbolic place of the circus tradition and it is the perfect mean to enter the heart of the cities. The presence of the tent is a powerful image that facilitates the relationship with people. It is a vector of emotions when the performance is lived by artists and the public. Furthermore, for Cirque the Compagnie it represents the ideal workspace suiting perfectly suited show and the artists. To build a tent means meeting the specific technical requirements requested by the circus disciplines and by the company itself. This is what we were was told when the entire metal structures of the tent and the entrance were commissioned to us.

CIRCUS: diam. 19 conposed of:

N 1 arc in galvanized iron of mt. 23 with a height of mt. 11.50, complete with 2 motors for lifting

For the dome

N 1 electric control panel for motors
N 1 Dome in galvanized iron of mt. 4.50×1.5
N 33 Posts of mt. 3.50
N 8 plates with 4 holes for anchoring pegs
N 65 Stakes Ø 40x 1200
N 2 Stakes to lift the antennaes
Wire rope winches
And all complete cables

ENTRANCE / BAR TENT Ø 10 composed of:

N 1 pole of mt. 7
N 20 poles of mt. 3

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