Quality, safety, and comfort for a German circus

Circuses and entertainment productions seek reliability, quality, and safety from a supplier of structures, grandstands, stages, tracks, and bleachers. These aspects are crucial to ensure strength and safety in supporting the weight of artists, animals, and spectators. Other important considerations include ease of assembly and disassembly, portability, durability over time, and the ability to withstand weather conditions and frequent use. During the design phase, we always verify all dimensional parameters (deepen) and provide certifications of conformity for the materials used.

Comfort and visibility for the audience

Comfort and visibility for the audience are equally crucial. The grandstands must offer excellent visibility from every angle, thus ensuring an engaging experience for all spectators. This applies to circuses of all sizes, as demonstrated by the grandstand recently built for a German circus.

For the German circus

For the German circus, we constructed 4 rows in a total diameter of 20 meters, creating an intimate and welcoming circus atmosphere, alternating red and white colors. The seating provides a close-up view, making the audience feel immersed in the spectacle. It’s as if the spectators are among jugglers, clowns, fire-eaters, acrobats performing on wobbly chair towers, and other acts of extraordinary skill and creativity.

Technical specifications

Circus grandstand Ø 20 – 4 rows

  • Fixed fireproof seats in red color – with the first 2 rows padded in burgundy faux leather
  • Rear and side barriers in RED PVC
  • White wooden flooring on the grandstand
  • Red wooden flooring in the arena
  • Central ramp in red-colored wood
  • Red-painted wooden lodge panels

Track: Circus ring Ø 8 m Comprising 10 panels with iron frames and plywood Painted white, red on the upper part

Construction timeline: 60 days First show setup:


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