During this long period of closure, all circus artists from all over the world continued to train and to prepare new performances, scenography and artistic combinations. Some companies have made important investments. It is the case of Écocirque, an important French circus that in 2020 commissioned us the metalwork of the 44 meter diameter tent, complete with bleachers, n. 1,500 fixed fireproof seats and a 12×24 meter foyer.

Écocirque is made up of a casting of artists who perform and as they call it, it is a “100% human circus”. Moreover they are also very environment-friendly. We can’t wait to see them twirl under their yellow and black awning inspired by bees, a tribute to biodiversity, and to be transported into the suspended atmospheres of 3D holographs, with giant virtual animals, cosmic settings and rock music. The first date is in MONTPELLIER on a summer day still to be defined!

N. 1500 Fixed fireproof seats Cl. 1 (RED COLOR)

CIRCUS Ø 44 consisting of:

  • N 4 antennas of 18.50 meters
  • N 10 gearmotors of 3.5 Ton
  • N 1 electrical panel for motors
  • N 1 traditional dome of mt. 2
  • N 4 baskets to lift the tent
  • N 4 rings for tent caps
  • N 83 Poles in the same height of the bleachers
  • N 2 external pylons to make the circus more stable


  • N 2   removable poles
  • N 48 perimeter poles

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