Technical and creative design
We design customized structures with specific software, checking all dimensional and structural parameters to offer rational solutions which comply with all current regulations. A Quality Control Certificate is supplied to the customer for every structure that we produce, together with a dimensioned scale drawing and all certifications of compliance concerning the materials used.


Implementation of existing project
Our team examines the existing project in cooperation with Italian or international engineers. When needed, amendments are made checking first all necessary parameters to ensure and respect the Safety regulations. Every step in our work of mechanical carpentry is certified UNI – “R.I.N.A.” and recognized at European and International level. Our skilled and highly qualified staff is at your disposal carrying out any work with professionalism.

We use stainless steel AISI 304, steel Fe 360, Fe 410 steel, steel Fe 510, which are always hot dip galvanized. Besides, we use aluminum, laminated wood and so on. All materials meet the specific European Standards.