Circus Aqua performs great shows inspired to the Hollywoodian movies made famous by Ester Williams in the 1940s.  Exactly like in those movies, even here fountains and water spurts give rhythm to the choreography of international artists’ acrobatics. To fully enjoy this show you need to see it very well from every sector of the bleachers.

For this reason our technicians planned a huge structure that hosts 1,052 people. The total diameter measures 38 meters, split into 10 rows  accessed by 6 staircases.

The red flip seats are made of flame-retardant plastic and the support platforms on which the seats are fixed are all made to measure: modules in lacquered wood, worked one by one and painted grey on both sides.

Each piece is designed to simplify its assembly, making it simple and fast, reducing the number of operations and the weight to be handled. Safety, however, is the first requirement to be met.  From the design to the production, every step is taken in compliance with the highest safety standards.

Even the staircases to reach the bleachers, the barriers and the parapets are made-to-measure in galvanized iron. Essential, solid, safe, every piece matches with the others and is designed to last for many years!

Our team took 2 and a half months to build the bleachers, which were delivered directly to Haifa, Israel, last March.

One of our technical managers helped with the first assembly and now the show is in full world tour!

Good circus to everyone and to the next news!

Technical information:

  • Steps of Ø 38 m
  • 10 rows
  • 6 staircases
  • 1052 fireproof flip seats

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