For a Swiss company we created a rink raised on a trailer, with a diameter of 7.50 m and. complete with two folding side poles of 10 m high. On the head there are two platforms with cable connection for tightrope walkers.

A functional solution, easy to assemble and carry, which saves artists from various pre-set up tasks. The project came from the Swiss company that had clear needs and solutions: our mechanics turned it into reality and in just over a month the rink was built and tested for delivery.

The contemporary circus

Alongside the historic families who have made the history of the circus, staging impressive showcasing performances with acrobats, clowns and exotic animals, a contemporary street circus has gradually gained ground, going on stage without tents and equipped with a few essential tools.
The main difference between the traditional circus and the street circus lies in their audience. In the traditional circus, the spectators have the conscious intention to attend the show, while in the street circus, the audience is involved in the show by chance and it is ready to leave in any moment. It goes without saying that the first circus can afford to slow down, the second cannot: the pace must always be blistering. This is also why the street circus has an horizontal evolution and does not take a deeper dive into specific themes, as the traditional circus could do. This of course in theory…

The street circus

The street circus, however, is more experimental: it sources from street theater, dance and live music. It creates a different poetics from that of the traditional circus with which we grew up, that of the golden age, which arose within the poetics of myth, when the public was naive and was amazed at nothing. Today we are very different: we travel the world, we see animals from other continents more easily, it is not enough for us to see the somersault, albeit perfect. Technical skill is no longer enough: spectators need to experience an emotional journey. The circus must make them dream and forget about themselves for the time of the show.

The circus, of any kind, is alive when the spectators can dream, when the world is put upside down representing success and failure, happiness and transience of our lives.
In Anceschi we live the circus from behind the scenes: with our work we contribute to the success of this dream machine.

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