Recently we have delivered 2 galvanized iron arches 17 meters high and 37.42 wide.
Two 4 Kw electric motors lift them while 4 electric motors of 1.84 kw raise the baskets / tip as you can clearly see in the pictures.
Our arches have been designed to support a 22x26m modular 2-antenna tensile structure that can turn into a 34x26m structure with 4 antennas; or 46×26 mt with 6 antennas and or 58×26 mt with 8 antennas!
The arches were “launched” in Odense, Denmark, where one of our managers coordinated the first assembly which was carried out smoothly and perfectly.

Let’s discover the Flying Superkids
Can ordinary children and adolescents, who go to school every day and do sports in the afternoon, turn into stars of the show, performing for a few days a year in a show renowned all over the world? Yes, if we talk about the Flying Superkids, a Danish, non-profit organization founded in the seventies by a gym instructor.

The founder, a former national team gymnast, recognized in the children special abilities that could turn them into real performers. Without excessive sacrifices, it was possible to create a high-level professional show. Ignoring the criticism and skepticism of the sports environment of the time, he organized a first show. A German television station sent it on the air and the show achieved resounding international success that still lasts.
The Flying Superkids perform in more than thirty-five countries. They enchant their audience thanks to a mix of high-speed gymnastics, acrobatics, somersaults on trampolines and other weird equipments. All this enriched by dance, song, comedy, etc.

Joy of living and teamwork as a response to competitiveness
This is the formula that allows twenty, thirty boys, between seven and twenty-one years of age, to perform every year on international tours, naturally and without competition stress. The selection is not carried out through classic auditions and it is not allowed to train in the gym for more than seven hours a week. Being in the Superkids team means adopting a healthy lifestyle made up of rules to be respected. The boys attend the normal Danish public schools. Their school system allows them to travel with one of their teachers who follows them and helps them. An experience that represents a great sporting, educational and perhaps professional opportunity.


  • 17.00 meters high
  • 37.42 meters of outside width
  • n 2 Electric Motors Kw 4 to lift the arch
  • n 4 Electric Motors 1.84 kw to lift the baskets

Designed for a tensile structure with the following arrangement:

  • mt. 22×26 with 2 antennas
  • mt. 34×26 with 4 antennas
  • mt. 46×26 with 6 antennas
  • mt. 58×26 with 8 antennas