Do you want to change your structure and improve it?
This is what Circus Monti (Switzerland) did, replacing its inside antennas with a self-supporting arch, designed and built by Anceschi Alberto and Paolo. It is made up of 9 rectangular 5,70 m long pylons assembled together to compose an arc 36 m wide and 16 m high!
Thanks to this system the vertical antennas are not needed and the audience’s view is improved. Moreover the stage is wider and performers have more creative freedom to propose new shows with greater impact. Remaking the tent and renewing the framework gives the Circus a new look and higher emphasis. Even technically there will be more advantages: lifting the structure will be extremely easy, almost from the air!

The following engines will be installed in the arcs:
  • 2 engines to lift the arches
  • engines to lift the dome
  • 4 engines to lift the rings
  • Building time: 2 months