Circus Monti provided us with the available diameter destined to the staircase. Our task is to obtain the largest number of seats in compliance with all safety regulations, including corridors and security areas, the use of fireproof materials, etc. The project includes blue jump seats and the ones placed in the VIP area facing the stage will have upholstered seat and backrest.

Our partners are all Italian companies with a thirty-year experience in our specific sector. We work these materials with a very careful and custom-made method: the structures must be designed taking into account the continuous assembly and dismantling to which they will be subjected. We therefore need structures made of light, safe materials, easy to handle and able to bear heavy loads. The light seats made in PP and PV are mounted on frames and in turn on platforms of a length that can be carried by hand. The wooden platforms are painted with the selected color, finished with iron profiles and hooked to the base of the staircase. We are able to produce any structural component, including for example, the parapets of the stairs accessing the tribune. All the components match perfectly in materials and colors.

After Heilbronn, in Germany, this structure reached Zermat in Switzerland where it was subsequently rented to host shows of all kinds. The seats here have been covered with synthetic fur! An ironic way to fight the freezing weather!


  • 2300 jump seats
  • Bleachers with a diameter of 48.50 m
  • Assembly location: Heilbronn, Germany