This is a special time full of celebrations for Vargas Circus, as the year 2019 marks the 50th of its birth. The great circus family, in line with a typically American show idea, prepared an amazing show-event and changed its look, asking our company to create the whole structure with bleachers and tents..

The new majestic circus has a diameter of 38 m, 4 telescopic antennas of 13.5 / 16 m lifted up by 6 electric motors which raise an octagonal dome of 13.50 m as well. The foyer is 12×18 m with two antennas 8.50 m high. We created even their sign on the top of the tent. The lighting system has a RGB Mega control unit with wireless interface and software with many light effects, as shown in the video.

In other words, an awesome structure that allows artists to work inside it, setting up whirling choreographies both from a technical and an aesthetic point of view. Yes, because during “The Greatest of Ease” show, the myths of different eras, the American dream and the American national identity are recalled, with steam trains reaching the West, pioneers, singers, fortune tellers and audacious trapeze artists literally flying from one side to the other of the enormous tent.

A very accurate organization that needed an extremely functional and complete structure. Our experts have designed, built and delivered the metal structure, bleachers and big tent in only 6 months! – in the next newsletter we will talk about them.


CIRCUS 38 m diameter

  • 4 Telescopic galvanized iron antennas mt. 13.50/16 high, fully equipped with 6 electric motors for the antennas and dome lifting
  • 1 Octagonal dome mt. 13.50 high equipped with a motor for motorized opening of the dome cap
  • 1 galvanized, curved iron distancing pillar mt. 10.70 high,  5.35 section 40×40
  • 1 straight distancing pillar in galvanized iron mt. 10.70 high, 40×40 section
  • 76 Galvanized iron poles mt. 4.50 high, 70×3 pipe
  • 1 Electric control panel for 4 motors
  • 150 Pegs 45×1400
  • Cables and plates for lifting and anchoring the structure
  • Cable-operated winches weighting kg. 3200

FOYER 12X18 m:

  • 2 Antennas in stainless steel mt. 8.50 high
  • 44 Galvanized iron poles mt. 4.50 high, 70×3 pipe
  • 25 Pegs 40×1200

Lighting system with RGB Mega control unit, Wireless interface and Software light effects.