1500 spectators waiting for the first show
The whole structure, including the steps and the big tents were supplied to the Great Circus of Moscow by Anceschi Alberto and Paolo. in our production site in Rio Saliceto we created a whole circus from scratch and it took just three and a half months for us to finish it. Including the smallest details and taking care of transport and logistics for Singapore as well. Our staff went to Singapore for the assembly of the Circus, for the first debut of a stunning Asian tour.

1,544 seats! Such a large number of spectators can take a seat under a circular tent of 40 meters in diameter. To reach this central area of the show, it is necessary to pass through a foyer: a rectangular curtain of 15 by 30 meters. A second rectangular curtain, exclusive to the staff, is in a symmetrical position, beyond the circular tent. It has the same dimensions and is a support area for the artists and for all the staff.

Tents telling a story
The Grand Russian Circus gets inspiration from the circus tradition of this country, always open to the artistic Asiatic influences reaching Moscow or St. Petersburg from the farest regions of the country. From that artistic melting pot developing along the European borders, the circus patrons took their inspiration to choose the style and colors of the marquees. A strategic choice for a visual appeal that must be of great impact: shapes and colors are the first signals to announce the circus arrival and change the landscape dramatically. The very first show is watching the assembly of a ‘creature’ that remains static, but is able to vary impressively the conventional elements of that place. The aim is to open it to a playful dimension, where dreams and amazing atmosphere come true.

Among the four projects presented, the customer selected the design recalling Russia and Asia, in red and white colours. Curvilinear geometric decorations make the environment cheerful and refined, in an extraordinary balance between figurative and abstract elements . A style perfect for international and multi-ethnic audience.

The tents are certified for fireproofing and made of a flexible, composite material, patented worldwide. In a few words, the structural stability and safety are above the required standards. The structure is made of micro-cables and is coated with several layers of polymers that make it highly resistant, light and extremely durable.

The circus, the way you imagined it
Anceschi designs and builds all circus structures in compliance with the European laws and, on request, with other regulations. Our circus structures are customizable both in technical and aesthetic aspects: in shape, size, colors, finishings and assembly technologies. The customer can request a customization of all the elements: from covering sheets, to seats, to platforms and both for structural and scenographic-decorative components.

In our next news we will tell all about how we built the stands: the materials, the challenges, the results. Follow us! Info 0522 699949 Watch the video of the assembly in Singapore

Technical description
Circular tent:

  • Galvanized iron structures
  • Rectangular dome of 11.5×1.5 m
  • Antennas 18.5 m high, some in plain sight, covered with red coverings
  • Perimeter poles 4 m high
  • Rings 1.80 m in diameter
  • Baskets 1.20 m in diameter
  • Lifting Motors for antennas and tents

foyer tent:

  • Galvanized iron structures
  • Antennas 15 m high
  • Rings 1.40 m in diameter
  • Baskets of 1 m in diameter
  • Perimeter poles 4 m high
  • Lifting Motors for antennas and tents

Artists-staff tent

  • Galvanized iron structures
  • 2 poles 9 m high each
  • Perimeter poles 4 m high
  • Motors for lifting antennas and tents